Dresser Dress Up

I needed a new dresser and had the idea that I wanted something elaborate, beautiful, aged, restored…I found this on Craigslist for $100 OBO. A friend of mine negotiated the price down to $35.


It was so pretty, but someone had painted it. Ridiculously. There was one knob plate thing missing. And most of the drawers were missing the trim piece.  After hours and hours of stripping and sanding. And days and months going by because the temperature of my workspace did not match the recommended temperature of the stripper…I finally striped it all down to the natural wood.



It took a long time. And then FINALLY I started staining it. Which also took a long time. Because again, it has to be the right temperature and humidity level to get the stain to cure properly and look good.


This is what it finally looks like.

I stripped all the gunk off the hardware. Scrubbed and scrubbed. I also added a bit of red to give it a bit of jazz. While it doesn’t look brand new, it does look beautiful. And, of course, what matters most: I am happy with it! Dresser finished


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