Adventures with Paracord

A few months ago I saw someone had made a survivor bracelet with paracord. I thought to myself, I can do that. So I decided to give it a try. I order some cord online and semi-successfully made a bracelet watching various videos on youtube. So then I decided, maybe, just maybe I could create a dog leash. I mean, why not? Well, my first attempt at a leash was ok. But not quite there. It sort of looked goofy even. Not nearly refined or classy. So I decided to give my brother a call. (A couple years ago, he braided a bullwhip, and it occurred to me he might have some tips.) When I went his house on Thanksgiving, big brother pulled out his tools and books, tips and tricks, and gave me some ideas on how to, well, braid it right.
The piece of information that takes the cake though, was a handy tool that will burn the edges of the cord to prevent fraying. It’s called a wood burning tool or something. Apparently, they are like $5 or something! (This is a great tip because I was trying to master this with a pair of scissors and a lighter. SO not the way.)
My arms ached a bit, but I got the leash done. And then I thought, her collar should really match. I mean, right?
The collar was WAY easier. Except for that crazy Spanish Ring knot, it took SEVERAL tries before I got that looking seamless. But in the end I prevailed! And Daphne has a one of a kind collar and leash.



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